Kombolóis Made of Camel Bone, Ebony, Horn of Various Animals
and other materials

To create a kombolói, practically any material that can be shaped and carved to form even beads may be employed.

The camel bone is one of the oldest materials used for the purpose of crafting kombolói beads. Its snow-white colour makes kombolóis stand out, while their sound is always subtle and subdued. kombolóis made of camel bone are among the most durable ones.

Kombolóis made of ebony wood are characteristically black with streaks of dark-brown forming beautiful patterns. They produce a distinct, clear, and loud sound.

Kombolói beads can also be crafted using the horn of various animals, such as buffalo, bull or goat. In Eastern countries beads made of buffalo or bull horns are believed to bring good luck, since these animals are considered holy. The colours of those materials are usually warm and soft and can vary between brown and red.

The selection of materials for a kombolói is vast. During our travels we have occasionally encountered unique kombolóis made of special materials such as, among others, tropical (or other) fruit seeds.

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