The History Path of Kombolói
The History Path of Kombolói (7/8)

This is why no matter how much the kombolói may evolve in the future, under no circumstances should we forget the elements that made it so dear from the very first moment of its creation, i.e. those idiosyncratic features of the material which it was originally made of. Today, old kombolóis are maintained and repaired, and are treated as though they are elder people in need of a helping hand, perhaps the helping hand of a human, such as a physiotherapist, who will use his bare hands to help them regain their vigour and happiness. All these old kombolóis, the age of which often reaches and exceeds 200 years, are to be found among us, just like the old wise people that have witnessed situations we have not yet experienced, the companion and opinion of which is much sought after at important times of our lives. Rightfully, the old and "reincarnated" ones occupy the first place in the collection of rare and selected kombolóis. Just by looking at them, we instantly recognise that they are not the result of mass production, but on the contrary, have been handcrafted with love and are therefore unique. From that moment on, each kombolói took its own path and has remained in the hands of humans. Humans and kombolói travelling together, as if the hands were a ship and the kombolói the passenger. These hands have taken it to far away places, where it has had the opportunity to meet a lot of people. Some of them have witnessed wars; others have experienced hardships and have lived in poor and dirty places. Others have had the honour to enter large living rooms, have been lucky enough to feel the luxury of velvet and silk, have listened to great music and have enjoyed the privilege of an exceptional treatment that have allowed them to remain beautiful, shiny and clean. Each one of those old kombolóis was born and has lived as a unique and special entity, just like we, humans, are born and live.

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